About ESAC

ESAC 2024

What is the ESAC Conference?

The Eastern Seaboard Apprenticeship Conference (ESAC) is the oldest apprenticeship conference in the United States.  ESAC is made up of apprenticeship representatives from 14 Atlantic coast states and the District of Columbia, which makes up the ESAC Standing Committee. The organization is designed to promote registered apprenticeship programs including representatives from Labor, Management, State, Government, Educational Facilities and small and large Businesses.

The respective state sponsors in the form of an ESAC Planning Committee are ad hoc and exist to design the annual conference for that particular state in that particular year. This annual conference is a vital forum for business & industry, contractors, educators, labor organizations and apprenticeship programs to hear the latest federal and state regulations and policies governing apprenticeship and to view cutting edge technologies in the industry.

How can I get noticed?

Event sponsors receive one complimentary conference registration, recognition in the conference program, special signage acknowledging their sponsorship and the opportunity to speak prior to the start of their sponsored event.  We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to showcase your program or organization. Remember that all these events can be co-sponsored and that any contribution will help to make this a great conference!