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State of the State

Puerto Rico: State of the State

Puerto Rico

Apprentice Office Details

Puerto Rico’s Office of Apprenticeship State operates as a joint venture between The U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration Office of Apprenticeship (USDOL/ETA/OA), Region 1 – Boston office works and the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce (PRDEDC) Apprenticeship Division in development and approval of Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP).

Charles McNeil, Regional Deputy Director, State Director (SD)


Christine Carreras-Amadeo, Apprenticeship Program Lead


Jessica I. Saldaña Torres, Apprenticeship and Training Representative


Ivonne J. Santiago Burgos, Apprenticeship and Training Representative


Workforce Development Program of the Department of Economic Development & Commerce Government of Puerto Rico

Key Initiatives

  • Expand registered apprenticeships in construction, health care, advanced manufacturing, information technology, hospitality, and industries;
  • Engage in systems-building initiatives that further the interests of expanding registered apprenticeships in targeted industries;
  • Support the efforts of the workforce system as they develop and expand apprenticeships in Puerto Rico;
  • Advocate for equity and inclusion within the PR registered apprenticeship system;
  • Introduce Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs to employers of PR; and
  • Increase workforce development partnerships to use resources effectively.

Statistics FY 2022 to 2024                                FY22               FY23               FY24

  • Number of Apprentices: 475                  971                  1161
  • Number of New Apprentices:             938                  718                  322
  • Number of Completed Apprentices:   28                  337                  125
  • Number of Sponsors:   23                  36                      59
  • Number New Sponsors:     6                  15                      23

Workforce Partnerships

  • Puerto Rico Staff work with the following partners
    • Puerto Rico Employment Services
    • American Job Centers
    • Puerto Rico DOL HR
    • Puerto Rico DOE (Center of Technical and Occupational Education)
    • Puerto Rico Colleges and Technical Schools
    • Veterans Agencies
    • Arecibo and Ramey (Aguadilla) Job Corps Centers, and others
  • Legislative Issues
    • Recognition
  • Budget
    • Funding streams
      • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funding
    • Other issues
      • To get local areas to understand the importance of the apprenticeship program for employers and their employees.
      • To expand the program to another economic sectors like healthcare and hospitality.