District of Columbia

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District of Columbia

State of the State

District of Columbia: State of the State


The DC Office of Apprenticeship Office, Information and Training:

Staff – 7

  • 2 – Apprenticeship Training Representatives
  • 2 – Workforce development Specialist
  • 1 – Program Analyst
  • 1 – Clerical
  • 1 – Manager

Location – 4058 Minnesota Avenue, N.E., Washington, DC

Key Initiative(s) – Pre-apprenticeship, Youth Apprenticeship and Step-Up apprenticeship initiatives in partnership with apprenticeship sponsors that result to direct entry to apprenticeships.

Current Number of Apprentices – 9,141

Number of New Apprentices – 694 (October 1, 2018 to date)

Number of Completed Apprentices – 168 (October 1, 2018 to date)

Number of Apprenticeship Sponsors – 341

Number of New Apprenticeship Sponsors – 28 (October 1, 2018 to date)

Apprenticeship Council – Regulatory

  • Number of members – 11

Legislations – The District of Columbia has a mandatory law that requires any prime contractor or subcontractor, whose contract amount is $500,000.00 in a single contract or cumulative contracts within a 12-month period on any government assisted construction project is required to register an apprenticeship program with the Registration Agency.

Budget – Local

Grants – The District has several local grants for pre-apprenticeship training in construction and non-traditional industries.

The District of Columbia was established as State Apprenticeship Registration Agency in 1946.