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ESAC 2024

District of Columbia

State of the State

District of Columbia: State of the State

ESAC State Report 2024


  • Apprentice Office Details


Key Initiatives:

  • Pre-apprenticeship training for out-of-school youth and adults in partnerships with apprenticeship sponsors in traditional and non-traditional industries that lead to direct entry to registered apprenticeship upon successful completion.


  • Youth apprenticeship training in partnerships with DC Public Schools, DC Public Charter and apprenticeship sponsors for high school seniors that lead to direct entry to registered apprenticeships upon graduation. These initiatives include both traditional and non-traditional occupations/industries.


Statistics FY24

  • Number of Apprentices – 6,224
  • Number of New Apprentices – 600
  • Number of Completed Apprentices – 28
  • Number of Sponsors – 282
  • Number New Sponsors – 23


State Partnerships

D.C. Public Schools and D.C. Public Charter Schools

D.C. Department of Human Resources

D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation

D.C. Department of Health Care Finance

D.C. Department of Water and Sewer Authority

Workforce Partnerships


Notable Achievements:

The District of Columbia established apprenticeship partnership with the George Washington University of Higher Education and Development as an apprenticeship sponsor for the teacher occupation in special education. GWU is an intermediary apprenticeship sponsor that includes 115 education employer partners.


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