ESAC 2024


State of the State

Delaware: State of the State

ESAC State Report 2024


  • Apprentice Office Details: Delaware


Key Initiatives:

Expansion into non-traditional industries

Growth and Diversity

Broaden Registered Apprenticeship Awareness

Integration of DOL services

Dedicated Employer Engagement

Sustainable Funding


Statistics FY24

  • Number of Apprentices: 1720
  • Number of New Apprentices: 99
  • Number of Completed Apprentices: 22
  • Number of Sponsors: 490
  • Number New Sponsors: 1


State Partnerships

Department of Education

Department of Parks and Recreation

Delaware Department of Corrections-Facilities

State of Delaware Veterans Homes

State of Delaware- OMB

State of Delaware Department of Transportation

Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill

State of Delaware- Division of Communications

State of Delaware Department of Transportation


Workforce Partnerships

Delaware Workforce Development

Notable Achievements

 K-12 Pilot Para Teacher Registered Apprenticeship

Community Healthcare Worker Registered Apprenticeship

Aviation Maintenance Mechanic Registered Apprenticeship

Upcoming Events

Youth Registered Apprenticeship Celebration May 10, 2024